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Hello, I am Jessica. 23. Southern California Native. Happily taken by Taylor Marie.

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Gum Wall Wisdom #seattleseptember14

Gum Wall Wisdom #seattleseptember14

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"jinkies i lost my glasses!"
velma in every fucking episode of scooby doo like damn bitch get contacts (via gnarly)

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Hi guys. we need to have a serious chat right now. →


Two years ago, there was a movie called Paranorman.

It didn’t do so good at the box office, despite it being one of the most important, game changing animated movies since the Disney renaissance. It made its money back, but it wasn’t the smash hit Frozen was.

And this is a fucking tragedy.

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when you catch someone checking out your bae so you gotta mark your territory real quick like



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We’re Belchers, from the womb to the tomb! This Bob’s Burgers hoodie pays tribute to the ever amazing and terrifying Louise Belcher. Whether she’s launching shrimp into the atmosphere or using biker gangs to exact her revenge, Louise is one tough customer, and deserves a design that shows it.

This hoodie is available for one week in our Etsy Shop, from 8/25 - 9/1

 Women’s hoodies are available in perfectly pink and coal grey, and Men’s hoodies are available in coal grey. Thanks guys!


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No, Avon Lady. I don’t want to buy your make-up.

Like, why would you want to cover up this perfection you see before you, eating pizza and burping after drinking too much Starbucks frappes? 

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